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For years Mexico has been famous for just about anything but golf. Its Gulf beach resorts are known for their trinity of sun, sea and sand, while the wild oceans off the Baja Peninsula offer some of the finest marine adventures in the Americas. Inland, there are the pulsating streets of Mexico City and Guadalajara to enjoy, before venturing back in time to discover the country’s rich Aztec and Mayan history.

However, as travellers are fast discovering, Mexico offers a memorable destination for golf travel. Aside from great weather making it a year-round option, the country boasts more than 150 golf courses, from no-frills country tracks to the manicured greens of elite private clubs. Happily there’s no shortage of excellent choices in between, with more than enough to keep the committed player and mid-handicap holidaymaker happy.

Players willing to travel can tee up on courses ranging from 18-hole tracks steeped in jungle-clad hills to dramatic courses perched on the edge of coastal cliffs. For drama on the fairways, Mexico is hard to beat.