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Blue Spinach

Inspired by Excellence, Creating Excellent Experiences

Providing bespoke golf travel experiences of the highest quality.

Why Choose Blue Spinach?

For ten years we have provided the global golfer with memorable travel experiences throughout England, Ireland, and Scotland. Over the last five years, we have also been working successfully in Mexico and South Africa which have grown in popularity for those seeking unique golfing experiences further afield.

As a company we consider ourselves forward thinking and are always open to new opportunities, consequently, we will strive to deliver unique, innovative and inspirational destinations. Planned for the near future are exciting destinations such as the Dominican Republic, India, Thailand, and Vietnam.

This year also marks ten years of running, hosting and managing events; ranging from small private birthday parties; weddings abroad and in the UK; through to corporate team building and year-long corporate golf tournaments.

Of paramount importance to Blue Spinach is the development of trust and lasting relationships with our clients and business partners. We have an energy and motivation that ultimately leads to our ‘can do’ attitude. We also pride ourselves on attention to detail, something that can be overlooked with larger companies, subsequently our positivity not only means our clients come back to us year after year but we form genuine healthy mutual relationships which have formed the bedrock of our success



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